Say My Name

It starts the day their born and repeated again and again,
‘Mumma’ ‘Dadda’ ‘Mumma’ ‘Dadda’ in the hope it gets in their brain.
Endless months later expressing every word,
Hoping and wishing that a few words he must of learned.

Counting down the days, excited, waiting for the sound,
Keeping everything crossed that when they talk you’ll be around.
To be called ‘Mumma’ is something you’ve longed to hear,
And when it first happens you’ll most likely shed a tear.

A wonderful event and something to truly treasure,
This beautiful word and sound surely will always be a pleasure.

However, after a few months things begin to change,
The word doesn’t sound so wonderful and you start to feel deranged.
Those first few times you heard ‘Mumma’ your heart was full of glee,
Now upon the millionth scream, the feelings turn to misery.

‘Mumma’ at the tuck box, ‘Mumma’ at the gate,
‘Mumma’ screamed over and over, the morning dramas make you late.
‘Mumma’ at the t.v remote, ‘Mumma’ at the telly,
‘Mumma’ at your cup of tea, with a finger poked in your belly.

‘Mumma’ at your lunch ‘Mumma’ at your drink,
‘Mumma’ at your ankles, tugging your trousers at the sink.
‘Mumma when you’re on the loo’, ‘Mumma’ when you’re ill,
‘Mumma’ when you’re on the phone, and when you’re standing still.

‘Mumma’ screamed just for fun, as he doesn’t need a thing,
‘Mumma’ starts to grate your nerve and makes your ears ring.
How can such a beautiful word make you feel so sad?
It’s what you wanted for so long you feel guilty for feeling bad.

Don’t think you are alone, as all of us feel the same,
Just try and encourage your baby to say another name.
Constantly tell him ‘Dadda’ in the hope he will swap,
And spread the screams fairly so just ‘Mummas’ start to stop.

This stage won’t last long and the screams will go away,
And then the pay off will come when you hear your child say.
‘Mumma’ ‘I love you’, ‘Mumma’ ‘you’re the best’,
All those screams are forgotten and you will truly feel blessed.
Your heart is full of love and you no longer feel glum,
You feel the luckiest woman alive to be called this darlings mum.

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