Putting up the Decs

It’s the 1st day of December
The day is finally here
We can drag the decs down from the loft
And revel in Christmas cheer

The trees a little squished
The tinsels slightly tatty
You shoved it all back in the box
Last year when you were ratty

You want to include the family
Make it a fun thing to do
But after 3 arguments and a broken bauble
The air is turning blue

Everything needs batteries
The light up Snowman’s on the blink
The dust is getting up your nose
And there’s a foisty damp stink

The fairy lights have blown already
So its another trip to the shop
The kid’s wont stop shouting
About who puts the star on top

Your knee deep in pine needles
The carpets are a mess
You wish you’d never started
It’s all become such a stress

With Blood, sweat and tears
You’ve finally made a festive grotto
Hurrah for that thank god
Open the eggnog and get blotto

Happy Holidays one and all
Find the Christmas turtleneck
You’re finished for another year
Putting up the f***** decs

Photo credit: Designed by Awesomecontent / Freepik

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