An Ode To My Body

I know you are amazing, and a miracle to behold
But let’s face the fact you’re starting to wilt now you’re getting old

You birthed two baby boys and did not need a stitch
Yet the trauma left my pubic hair like a half mowed football pitch

Grey hairs are starting to sprout, and not just from my head
These days you seem to struggle just to lift me out of bed

Don’t get me wrong I’m truly grateful that you’re still in tact
It’s just saggy bits are increasing and my face is starting to crack

Nearing 40 years of use, I’m now classed as second hand
You’ve been used and abused over time and no longer in demand

The bladders starting to loosen, the chests definitely got a sag
My belly’s starting to resemble a popped out crashed air bag

Age spots on my face and a few hairs on my chin
This dual with gravity is a fight I just wont win

Taking everything into account, I feel thankful that you’re mine
Chips, cracks and wobbly bits I still think we’re doing fine

So thank you for all you do I will try and treat you right
I’ll work on my Pelvic Floor and only have 1 glass of wine per night

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