Running in my forties

Running had never been a part of my life. My exercise history in a nutshell: aged 9-15 I did many sports including competitive swimming, which consisted of lots of training: aged 16-40 periods of sporadic exercise which also included having 4 babies and that’s about it.

I did not run anywhere if I could help it and always insisted that I would never try! Until that is, my husband (aka Mr Fitness Fanatic) persuaded me to run around the block with him.

10 things I have discovered about running in my forties so far…

  1. The first run was very short consisting of minutes, very heavy breathing and then feeling like I may die. To be fair this is still the case but I can go a bit further until I start to feel like this.
  2. During the run I feel that I will never want to do this ever again. When I recover, I think ‘Oh when can I go out again!’ (so weird)
  3. Nowhere seems to sell long enough running gear (I don’t like to show all my lumps and bumps off) I opted for size 20 Next workout tops but they aren’t as long as I would like them to be.
  4. Lady pads are worn on all occasions (but I must admit that the leaking has got better) which leads to 5.
  5. I always wear dark leggings, enough said! (my pelvic floor isn’t quite what it was after birthing 4 children)
  6. Don’t expect to feel like a runner. I have been running for nearly three months and I still call myself a stumbler! That’s not to say I’m not a runner but I always feel so knackered and slow. You must fight that feeling of not looking perfect and I promise when I’m about 1.5k in I couldn’t care less, I just want to get home as quickly as possible.
  7. It’s the hardest thing ever (exercise wise).
  8. Parkrun is a lovely community event and when the top ten are speeding past lapping me I quite often get ‘keep going and well done’ which really helps my mindset in powering on.
  9. My body constantly aches!
  10. I haven’t lost lbs every week and sometimes gain the odd one but over the three months of doing a little running and being a little more sensible with my diet I’m slowly getting there. Having spent years losing some and then putting it all back on so if it takes me 18 months to get my B.M.I at 25 then so be it!

I don’t know whether my knees will last out with the running but I have already decided that I will have to continue moving in some form or another-even if it’s just so I can enjoy a glass or two of red wine without the guilt! Who am I kidding drinking red wine never makes me feel guilty!



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10 Replies to “Running in my forties”

  1. What an inspiring post. I would love to give running a try, but not quite sure where to start and the very points you have raised are the very reasons why I haven’t tried! I think it’s that thought of looking silly too. Well done on giving it a shot and good luck on extending your distances. #DreamTeam xx

    1. Thank you I am finding it really hard but I am slowly starting to see results which is giving me a huge boost xx

    1. Thanks for your comment I need to introduce some weights as I’ve been told it’s good for bone strength as we have arthritis in the family xx

  2. Spot on! I have recently rediscovered running and love it. I also have the moments of “am I nearly there yet?” “this is killing me” “I might actually die” followed by “that was great, when can I do it again?!” There is a lovely community out and about too, and I get to take in much more than I ever would by driving everywhere, plus I can tuck into pudding from time to time without so much guilt 😉

  3. I think it’s great that you are running, I’m off to check out the Parkrun community! Wine doesn’t make me feel guilty either, haha! Thanks so much for sharing with #Blogstravaganza xx

  4. Love, this! So true in all 10! Keep going it’s a great therapy! I started beginning of march and am shocked that I can actually plod from a to b and not collapse! Xx

    1. Thank you for the encouragement I hope I can keep going, sounds like you are doing really well too. Thanks for commenting xx

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