The Witching Hours

It’s getting to that time of day, the clock is ticking fast,
Everyday you hope and pray it will be better than the last.
The fear and dread in your heart, as every parent cowers,
For it’s 4pm and it’s about time to start the frightful witching hours.

All good babies and toddlers turn into the demons child,
Whinging, whining and screaming running round frantic and wild.
A little bit tired, a little bit hungry and generally off their heads,
It feels like a lifetime to go until they’re tucked up asleep in bed.

What is it about this time of day that every parent fears,
What makes this time so upsetting for kids to conjure up so many tears?
Checking on our watches tick by laborious tock,
Waiting for that happy hour starting at wine o clock.

The idea to hide in the kitchen away from kids under your feet,
Ends badly when you emotionally stuff your face with all their sweets.
You can’t hide from this time of day, there’s nowhere you can run,
Just ride it out, be strong, in a couple of hours it will all be done.

They will turn into sleeping angels crashed out inside their cot,
And all the tantrums and demonic children will soon be forgot.
Now you can relax and pour that glass of wine,
Enjoy that one hour or two, of peaceful childless time.
No harm in a few sips of alcohol to joyfully drown your sorrow,
As you will need your wits and strength when the witching hours back tomorrow.

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