An Ode To My Body

I know you are amazing, and a miracle to behold
But let’s face the fact you’re starting to wilt now you’re getting old

You birthed two baby boys and did not need a stitch
Yet the trauma left my pubic hair like a half mowed football pitch Read more

Oh Brother!

Thank you son for being a great teacher to your brother,
Showing him the tricks and things he’d never learn from his mother.
Wiping bogeys on curtains, and snot on his sleeve,
Revealing where monsters live, and making him believe. Read more

The Witching Hours

It’s getting to that time of day, the clock is ticking fast,
Everyday you hope and pray it will be better than the last.
The fear and dread in your heart, as every parent cowers,
For it’s 4pm and it’s about time to start the frightful witching hours. Read more

Say My Name

It starts the day their born and repeated again and again,
‘Mumma’ ‘Dadda’ ‘Mumma’ ‘Dadda’ in the hope it gets in their brain.
Endless months later expressing every word,
Hoping and wishing that a few words he must of learned. Read more

An Ode To Christmas Past

Oh how I daydream of the Christmases long past
Laying in til gone 9am and being a complete lazy arse
Drifting down the stairs from my 10 hours of peaceful rest
All my presents piled under the tree in a neat stack, no mess Read more