Oh Brother!

Thank you son for being a great teacher to your brother,
Showing him the tricks and things he’d never learn from his mother.
Wiping bogeys on curtains, and snot on his sleeve,
Revealing where monsters live, and making him believe.

Thank you son for teaching him how to turn on the outside tap,
Shame he flooded the garden nearly drowning the poor cat.
Play-Dough in the video player, jammy prints on the telly,
Moon sand in my gloves and lego in my welly.

Thank you son for showing him where mummy hides all the glue,
How to stick toilet paper together and shove it down the loo.
Roly Poly’s down the hall, acrobatics on the bed,
War games in the garden secret hideouts in the shed.

Thank you son for showing him how loud his voice could be,
Screaming, shouting and hollering and generally annoying me.
You are the big brother and you play your part well,
You’re a cheeky gang of two with secrets you’ll never tell.
Although at times you both really send me round the bend,
I’m so happy that my children have each found their true best friend.

To have two sons who call me mum I feel lucky and very blessed,
It’s definitely worth all the tears, tantrums and the stress.
Knowing you will have each other in life fills my heart with joy,
My beautiful, kind, funny and awesome little boys.


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