Oh Brother!

Thank you son for being such a great teacher to your brother,
Showing him things and teaching him tricks he couldn’t possibly learn from his mother.
Wiping bogeys on curtains and snot on his sleeve,
Showing him where monsters live and making him believe.

Thank you son for showing him how to turn on the garden tap,
And not telling me when he flooded the garden, nearly drowning the poor cat.
It was handy you showed him how the dvd player can be used,
So he could have somewhere to put his jammy fingers and keep himself amused.

Thank you son for showing him hiding places where you put all the shoes,
And for teaching him that Peppa Pig just loves floating in the loo.
Your instructions were perfect about how to jump so high on the bed,
But pity they didn’t include ways of avoiding crashing on his head.

Thank you son for showing him how loud his voice could be,
and how to annoy me by using it to full capacity.
You are the big brother and you play your part well,
You have become a band of brothers with secrets you’ll never tell
As much as at times you both send me round the bend,
I love that my children have both found their best friend.

To have two sons I truly feel very lucky and blessed,
It’s worth all the tears, tantrums and definitely all the stress.
Knowing you will have each other forever fills me with joy,
My beautiful, kind, funny and wonderful boys.

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