Mr Tumble

Thank you Mr Tumble for everything you do,
Without even knowing it you’ve saved a war or two.

They fight in the kitchen; they fight in the hall,
Yet when you’re on the telly it instantly stops the brawl.

Sat on the sofa with smiles upon their face,
All sibling rivalry is gone without a trace.

With you around I have no need to wave a big white flag,
A peacekeeper, a modern day saint with your spotty bag.

They love to shout the answers to anything you ask,
With no clue you are Justin disguised in a make-up mask.

Granddad and Aunt Polly are loved as well that’s true,
But there is only one Superstar, and Mr Tumble that is you.

You are totally amazing, wonderful and just the best,
You give Mummy 5 minutes peace to have a cuppa and a rest.

Thank you Mr Tumble


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