Happy New Year

It’s January and time to make
A list of things to do,
New Year’s resolutions to
make a better you.

Out with the old, time to
reflect on the year that’s past,
thinking of positive changes
and hoping that they last.

All decorations are down
we’ve put away the Christmas trees,
the wines all been drunk
and we’re working through all the cheese.

We vow to stop drinking as much
and finally join a gym,
we promise to eat nothing with sugar
in the hope to get healthy and trim.

Fitness DVD’s, dating sites and
All-inclusive breaks away,
advertised on the telly
every minute of every day.

We all head down to the sales
fighting for bargains from the stores,
It’s mass hysteria and panicked
shoppers rummaging on the floors.

Whatever the New Year brings
let’s hope we all agree,
to do just what makes us happy
and step away from the bloody Brie!


Photo credit: Designed by Freepik


  1. I haven’t made any resolutions this year as I never keep them anyway. I would like to try & avoid sugar though, although it’s so hard. You’re right, lets just do what makes us happy.

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