Halloween Hell

It’s getting to that time of year
I slowly start to dread
Old Hallows Eve is drawing close
And summoning up the un-dead

The shops are full of sweets
Five times the original price
Everyone rushes out to buy
Candles with pumpkin spice

Kids go mad at spooky adverts
Played over on the telly
They all suddenly want to make
Eyeballs stuffed in jelly

Years gone past I would sit alone
In darkness with curtains drawn
But now I am a parent
Hosting parties with Devils spawn

I’ve re-mortgaged the house
To afford all the sweets
For the witches and the wizards
Coming to the door with ‘Trick or Treat’

If only I could hide upstairs
And stay under my bed
But I know if I don’t answer
They will ‘egg’ my house instead

I know it’s for the kids
I should join in have fun as well
So maybe this time next year
It will not be such Halloween Hell

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Photo credit: Designed by kjpargeter / Freepik


  1. Hahahhaha! Oh brilliant, I know exactly what you mean. Luckily the kids around here don’t trick and so we just bring the pumpkins in when we have had enough and they leave us alone! Thanks for linking up to the #bigpinklink this week.

  2. I love this! And can see exactly where you are coming from. I think it depends where you live, if trick or treating is more the littles, a mixture, or the teens+ to be very wary of. I remember back in the day our house being entirely egged and toilet paper bombed. And that was after my mum held out the sweets and the group (teens) snatched everything. Ekk! Thank you for joining us for the #dreamteam with this treat. xx

  3. I think we’re quite lucky in the UK that the dreaded egging doesn’t seem to be such a big thing. I feel for you, I really do… #bigpinklink

  4. Briliant, it flows so well with such a funny tone. I’ve just had our Halloween fun day here, kind of fun and hell for me and fun all the way for the children staying with us. #DreamTeam

    1. Thank you, yes the children love it which makes it easier to get into and enjoy watching them have such a ball xx

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