New Year’s Resolutions

I don’t bother making New Year’s resolutions but there is a feeling within me when a new year starts, a feeling of wanting to create a new mindset and wanting to have a new goal for the coming year. Out with the old and in with the new mentality.

This time last year I started Mums’ Army with my sister and we released our first book Rattles & Battles so it has definitely been an interesting year learning new things and dipping toes into a social media world that I never knew existed.

I know I need to lose about 2 ½ stone and start exercising just to get back to a healthy weight and build some muscle strength up in my body. However, I am not buying into any fad diet or quick fix or a crash course at the gym in the usual New Year’s resolutions diet and fitness hype and hysteria.

The end of 2018 will see me turning forty and in my mind I see that as a new chapter, I want to go into my forties in better health than I am now. My twenties were all about social life, going out with friends, holidays, adventures and great fun. My thirties were meeting someone falling in love and having my babies. I feel like my forties as well as focusing on my children need to be about my own physical and mental health too and I need to spend a lot more time on myself than I do now.

I didn’t have my first child until I was 35 years old and the second came along 18 months later, so my poor body had a bit of an onslaught later on in life. I suffered from Symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD)  in my second pregnancy and it made me feel terrified of losing my mobility and being in constant pain.

Also, since having my children and going from a care-free butterfly to a complete worry-wart Hoverfly because I have created two precious things that mean more to me than my own existence (bit dramatic I know) it has made me fear more than anything about not being there for my children or not having my health to be able to help them when they get older.

I feel like the time has come where I need to put the work in now while I am still young to ensure when I am in my 50’s, 60’s and 70’s I can still be there for my boys.

I’m hoping that this desire will be strong enough for me to stop eating all the wrong foods and start treating my only body and mind with some care and self-love.

I am going to give myself 11 months to get my eating on track before I hit forty and then step up the exercise. Now I know I’m not going to be a Davina (super fit)  but hopefully I will be somewhat healthier than I am now.

So no New Year’s resolutions for me, just a desire to change my mindset and focus towards myself a little more, to have a relaxing bath more often, enjoy massages, read more books, meditate, listen to music, eat healthier, move around more and see where it leads.

I will let you know in 11 months if my day dreams have come true or whether they will remain wishful thinking and just New Year musings…. Have you made any New Year’s resolutions?

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