Are you enjoying your children yet?

When my Son was just a few months old (and still in that glorious phase of sleeping most of the day) we would pop to coffee shops at the weekend enjoying hot drinks and no-stress days out, I remember bumping into my friend who was there with her two older children that were about 5 and 8 years old.

They were all sat at the table with drinks and cakes reading together, and after she cooed over baby she said how glad she was to be out of that stage as she was only now finally starting to enjoy her children, and enjoy their company.

We all laughed and said ‘You can’t say that’! (Not out loud anyway).

Now three and a half years later I totally get what she meant.

I don’t think I could actually say I enjoyed or made the most of my time when my children were babies as with the first I spent most of my days as a walking ‘mombie’. Unable to coherently string a sentence together due to exhaustion, anxiety and lack of knowing what the hell I was doing. Read all about it in chapter 5 of my book Rattles and Battles.

Then with my second baby who arrived 18 months after the first, the baby stuff was a peace of cake but I didn’t have time to enjoy it because I had a toddler who was like Dangerous Brian with no fear and the energy levels of a Tasmanian devil.

I never say young children are boring, far from it but the activities they like can be. From being an active, sporty and independent pre-mother to feeling like I was chained to the sofa with 2 children under 2 watching repeat after repeat of the CBeebies channel (which was a life saver thank you) and colouring in (which I always said I wanted to do as a full time job, or be Jessica Fletcher) turns out after 30 minutes of getting felt tips chucked at my head and on the floor and the nibs stamped into the table it does get a bit monotonous

Now my eldest son is 3 and my youngest nearly 2 I am really starting to enjoy their company. At the weekend me and my eldest pop to Garden Centres, Supermarkets and go to the town or head out for walks and to the Playground and he is so entertaining and lively to be around – being past the terrible tantrum stage he is starting to be a pleasure to go out with and I love our one on one time.  (Something I always felt guilty of when baby number 2 arrived)

It made me remember what my friend had said all those years ago. That you love your children more than anything but you may not love their company until they are a little bit older.

Did you enjoy your children when they were babies? Do you find yourself happier in their company now they are older?



This Mum's Life
This Mum's Life

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12 Replies to “Are you enjoying your children yet?”

  1. How funny. When I started reading this and the older kids reference, I honestly thought you meant ‘older’ kids say 7 and above. I have to admit much as my kids have always been on balance incredibly easy, I really didn’t enjoy the 3 and 2 year old phase as it’s still tiring given they can’t do things like carry their own bags on a day out or help around the house etc. The colouring as a full time job cracked me up but HOLD THE FRONT PAGE YOU ARE A FELLOW JESSICA FLETCHER FAN?! That’s it. You are stuck with me following your blog forever as I still love Murder She Wrote and have now got my 13yo into the series!! Well done on the book. Clever clever you. Fab. #bigpinklink

    1. Ha ha yes I am already looking forward to the point at which I will no longer need to be a cart horse and carry copious amounts of baby/toddler regalia around my neck. OH YES!!! I”VE FOUND ANOTHER JESSICA FAN!!! I told the careers advisor at school that I wanted to be her when I grew up and he just didnt get it. I’m glad I’ve found a fellow jessica
      appreciator, luckily my other half is a secret fletcher follower so we get to watch Murder She Wrote quite a bit and I am slowly working it into my 3 year olds t.v guide along with Power Rangers and Blaze. Together we can make Jess cool again!!!! xx

  2. My two are 6 and 4 and every day I enjoy time with them more. I’ve always loved them fiercely but the baby days are monotonous and yes, boring at times and now I have my own freedom to do the things I want to do but also I get time to do things with two people who can hold a conversation, make jokes that are actually funny and go for big walks or come for a run with me. It’s really nice. Thanks for joining in the #bigpinklink this week!

    1. Yes I found myself wishing the time away when they were babies as I wanted them to grow up and get out of that stage, although part of me wishes I could go back there with what I know now so I could actually enjoy it rather than be an anxious mess thinking I was doing everything wrong. 6 and 4 sounds like a great age perfect for getting into mischief with, my friends with older children say they get to a certain age and you dont want them to grow up anymore as they are such fun. Thanks for commenting xx

  3. Oh yes so true! mine are 2 and 4 so sometimes I enjoy their company and sometimes I don’t. My 4 yo can be amazing company and so chatty but her mood can also flip quite quickly so some days that gets a bit much. the 2 yo is also good fun to be with…. today. But not so much yesterday and who knows about tomorrow! i can see how much we will enjoy each others company in the next couple of years though.

    1. Ha ha yes I know what you mean, it’s like a switch that flips sometimes and it all changes I spose it certainly makes life interesting. thanks for commenting x

  4. Every age is so different and there’s good and bad to both. I look back and miss the days of sitting on the sofa cuddling my babies but now that they are older can totally appreciate their personalities and interaction! #BigPinkLink

    1. Yes definitely I thought it would get easier when they get older, but it’s just as challenging but in a different way. Thanks for commenting x

  5. I have two under two and honestly, no I’m not enjoying parenthood all that much yet. I find it monotonous, exhausting and frustrating a lot of the time. We all know about the good stuff, which is why we do what we do but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy! Thanks so much for sharing with #Blogstravaganza xx

    1. Ah yes the 2 under 2! I was there and it’s a scary place to be as double the joy and amazing times is double the frustration, stress and anxiety! My second is now nearly 2 and finally I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I would say when he got to about 16-18 months things got alot easier, so hopefully with your littlest now turning 1 you havent got much longer until you get out of that 2 under 2 baby stage. xx

  6. I do love a day or with my boy now he’s that bit older and we can actually chat, even if only about paw patrol, but still. Though I do kind of miss those quiet moments when I could just walk for hours with him asleep in the pram. #blogstravaganza

    1. Ha Ha yes we get Paw Patrol chatter!! It’s funny how each stage comes with good bits and not so good bits thanks so much for commenting x

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