All articles written by: Nicky

You and whose army?

You’ve heard the saying ‘You and whose Army?’ probably when you were in the school playground. It is used as an expression of disbelief in someone’s ability to carry out a threat. Read more

A Wedding Woe

You’re getting married, hip hip hooray the day is finally here,
All the planning and the preparation you’ve been busy with all year.
The dress is hung, the hair is done your nails are looking fine,
The cake is baked, the balloons are afloat, the tables set with wine. Read more

Mr Tumble

Thank you Mr Tumble for everything you do,
Without even knowing it you’ve saved a war or two.

They fight in the kitchen; they fight in the hall,
Yet when you’re on the telly it instantly stops the brawl. Read more

An Ode To My Body

I know you are amazing, and a miracle to behold
But let’s face the fact you’re starting to wilt now you’re getting old

You birthed two baby boys and did not need a stitch
Yet the trauma left my pubic hair like a half mowed football pitch Read more