About Us

Standing together, supporting parents

Mums’ Army was created in 2016 by sisters Nicky and Michelle. With eight children between them, and a burning desire for some light relief in the mad sleep deprived world of parenting.

From being first time mums to becoming step-parents and raising teenagers, experiencing amazing highs and beautiful moments but also at times feeling overwhelmed, anxious, alone and sometimes in fear of their sanity. It made them realise how important it is to have a laugh along the way and see the funny side.

Our Army mission

Mums’ Army is about joining forces, embracing our differences and sharing the laugh out loud moments. Remembering that we are all just doing the best we can, that we are not alone and that together we can make a difference to each other.

Despite the name, we also love Dads too, but unfortunately ‘Dads Army’ was already taken. So don’t panic, we are not all doomed there is a new home front coming…

YOU become a WE
We becomes an ARMY

Feel free to get in touch at hello@mumsarmy.co.uk, and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!